05. March 2021
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With beautiful furniture into a better future

A hotel atmosphere and relief for nursing staff with contract furniture from Stiegelmeyer

The longer the lockdown lasts, the more important a beautiful home becomes. Many people are currently ordering new furniture and decorative accessories online to continue feeling comfortable in their homes. A homelike, comforting ambience is also more important than ever for residents in nursing homes or rehabilitation facilities right now. With the right custom-made furniture, everyday life there also becomes easier, and nursing staff also feel a significant relief. This is why now is the perfect time for contract furniture from Stiegelmeyer.

The Stiegelmeyer-Group's wood production plant is located in Nordhausen in the German state of Thuringia. Here, furniture systems are created that transform every room into a place with the highest quality of accommodation. A tour of our lovingly designed showroom in Nordhausen reveals sample interiors for many facilities: Nursing homes, outpatient care and rehab, hospitals, hospices and psychiatric wards. Our contract furniture can be used to furnish residents' and communal rooms just as individually as staff duty rooms.

Back to an independent life

Example rehab: Here, patients should find their way back to an independent life and gain confidence. A pleasant hotel atmosphere is very helpful here. Wall panels with indirect lighting, homelike paneled radiators and diverse cupboard and wardrobe systems with integrated refrigerator, elegant mirror and smooth-running drawers provide ideal support.

Well-being is also important for patients in psychiatric wards – combined with optimal protection so that people do not hurt themselves. Our contract furniture offers impressive possibilities here. Fitted cabinet doors reduce the risk of jamming, round cabinet knobs or shell handles avoid sharp edges as well as the attachment of cords for self-strangulation. Door straps determine the opening angle of the cupboards, and a special choice of materials prevents damage caused by moisture.

Comfort in VIP rooms

Hospital patients in a VIP room rightly have high expectations. With our beds and furniture, every facility can meet these requirements and significantly enhance its outward image. Comfortable armchairs and sturdy column tables spread bistro flair and invite you to enjoy a cosy cup of coffee with visitors. Desks for reading and writing letters help to return to everyday life. Sophisticated wardrobes contain a practical suitcase compartment, a lockable drawer for valuables, a coat rack with mirror and even bookshelves if desired. You can hardly recover more pleasantly.

Good working conditions are essential for optimal medical and nursing care. Our duty room furniture supports nursing staff even in stressful situations. Easy-to-operate drawers and folding doors that swing up at the touch of a finger are a blessing when you have your hands full. For storing medication and care utensils, we offer intelligent systems in which everything can be found quickly. Our contract furniture team also finds solutions for small or intricate rooms that make optimal use of the available space. Oversized rooms can be cleverly divided up with cabinet room dividers.

All furniture is available in a variety of decors from the Stiegelmeyer collection. Warm wood tones or high-contrast combinations suit any furnishing style and support existing colour concepts in the facility. And of course, the decors match the look of our beds exactly.

Even in pandemic times, our team and international distributors are always available for individual advice. And when the lockdown in Germany hopefully ends soon, we look forward to welcoming our customers to our showrooms in Nordhausen and Herford.

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