26. October 2016
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The bed that gets people back on their feet

Living life on a par – this is the title of the campaign by Stiegelmeyer and Burmeier to refocus attention on the Vertica mobilisation bed. Informative videos, expressive photographs and successful trade fair presences are being used to highlight the strengths of the bed.

These strengths can revolutionise daily routines in all areas of care. Vertica clinic helps hospital patients, Vertica care is used in care facilities and Vertica homecare helps residents and carers at home. All three models bring the occupant to an upright position with just one press of a button - which is also an ideal position for standing up. The beds follow the natural movement of the human body. The red muscles of the person needing care are optimally activated, and stress from uncertainty and pain disappear.

Vertica also has many more options for adjustment compared to normal care beds. The benefit for patients and residents is immense. It is known that early and regular mobilisation speeds up healing and helps maintain good health. Even though bed rest is necessary in some cases, it quickly saps resources from the body’s strength. One day in bed without movement needs three days of exercise to offset it and help the body regain its prior level of energy. That’s why the sooner patients can move, the faster they regain their health. Studies have found that patients can be discharged from hospital an average of three days earlier. This saves money for the hospital: If the reduced stay is compared with the cost per day in the intensive care unit, the Vertica clinic pays for itself after just a few uses.

Vertica helps occupants in care facilities and at home participate more actively in their daily surroundings. Meals and conversations are much more pleasant in a sitting position. At the same time, the risk of food aspiration that causes serious lung problems is reduced. People who have symptoms of paralysis can stand up again on their own with Vertica homecare and lead a more independent life at home.

The mobilisation bed also brings a great increase in life quality for the carers. Bringing an occupant or patient to an upright position at the side of the bed without aid can be very strenuous, even for experienced staff. Back injuries and strain on the joints damage health and lead to sick days – often even to long-term occupational disability. Vertica solves many of these problems. It completely takes over the physical work of getting upright. Just a few supportive hand movements are necessary to bring the person in need of care to their feet or to transfer them to a wheelchair.

It was already clear in the studio how pleasant it is to work with this bed. The extensive technology behind the Vertica goes hand in hand with easier operation. The bed was so comfortable for the photo models that they almost forgot about the photo shoot during the breakfast scene in a sitting position.

The new Vertica videos can now be enjoyed on our YouTube channel.
Vertica care bed Spot

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