26. March 2021
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Using the Basano to benefit from the
advantages of floor-level care

New ultra-low bed protects residents particularly at risk of falling

When people suffer from severe dementia or physical weakness in old age, their risk of falling can assume threatening proportions. In a report on the subject, the German magazine "Altenpflege" described the case of a man who had fallen down 26 times a day in a nursing home and had seriously injured himself. As a way out, the authors recommended a concept that is attracting more and more interest: care close to the floor. With the new Basano low-height bed, Stiegelmeyer offers an excellent aid for this.

Residents who frequently fall pose great problems for the nursing staff. Permanent fixation, for example by using the safety sides on the bed, is not considered reasonable for those in need of care. The Amberg hospital in Germany, which also relies on care close to the floor, states online: "People at risk of falling experience a restriction of their possibilities of movement and their self-determination through fixation. A forced position is imposed on them and not infrequently this aggravates the respective condition in which they find themselves."

Free movement for the residents

On the other hand, the staff in the nursing home cannot monitor the people in question around the clock. However, if the residents spend a large part of their time close to the floor, everyone involved benefits. Those in need of care can safely lie, sit, crawl or roll around if the room furnishings are adapted to this. Their urge to move is not restricted, they feel free and comfortable. At the same time, they are protected from fall injuries and the caregivers are given some relief.

But what is the best way to design a sleeping space close to the floor? Our conversations with care professionals have shown that often the most obvious solution is used – a mattress on the floor. However, this has two disadvantages. On the one hand, the mattress is not well accepted by relatives, who often perceive such accommodation as undignified. Secondly, washing and dressing the resident or changing bedding on the floor is very strenuous. If the caregiver does not use a completely new movement technique here, he or she quickly puts his or her back at risk.

The solution to this problem is an ultra-low bed. And our Basano actually combines the two requirements perfectly: floor-level accommodation for the resident, all the advantages of a normal care bed for the caregiver.

Practical safety sides with Easy Click

With its lowest position of 15 cm, the Basano optimally protects the patient during sleep and during the day. If the resident rolls out of bed, the speed of fall from this low height is so low that serious repercussions are not to be expected. And if even more protection is needed, the Basano offers a strong advantage over many comparable models with two selectable stable safety side systems. The full-length safety side stands for complete safety, the split combinable safety side leaves room for unhindered entry and exit if desired. As its name suggests, it can be combined with the full-length safety side on the other side of the bed.

New in the nursing home division at Stiegelmeyer is the Easy Click system. The bars of both safety sides can be clicked onto pre-assembled brackets without the need for tools and can also be removed again. This is very practical when the bed needs to be thoroughly cleaned.

The nursing staff also benefit from the high maximum position of the Basano: At 80 cm, even tall people can work in a way that is easy on their backs. The entire height adjustment range can be controlled with the normal handset of the bed. In order to guarantee optimum protection against crushing in the range close to the floor, we have paid special attention to safety in the construction of the bed. Before the Basano moves into the low range below 25 cm, it makes an intermediate stop – the continued movement has to be confirmed by pressing the button again. After that, the mattress base moves more slowly and a signal tone sounds until the lowest position is reached.

A bed that almost rests on the floor calls for creative ideas during construction. Where, for example, is there room for the castors? With the Basano, we have succeeded in placing the castors inside under the bed so that they do not protrude and become tripping hazards. The brake steps are easily accessible at the head and foot sections. At the head end, the brake lever is so wide that it is accessible from the side even if the bed is placed with its head end directly in front of a wall.

A homelike bed with high recognition value is especially helpful for residents with cognitive impairments. With its characteristic high head and footboards, the Basano immediately conveys a good feeling of safety. Selectable wood decors in many shades match any furnishing and support the nursing home in implementing architectural colour concepts.

Protection and free expression do not have to be opposites. Our Basano creates the best conditions for modern, people-oriented care.

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