07. February 2016
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The Venta low-height bed

Helps avoid liberty restricting measures

Keeping people in need of care safe and healthy while avoiding liberty restricting measures (DoLS) at the same time is adaily challenge in care homes. But it is a challenge well worth mastering. Because restraints, while providing short-term protection, have long term effects on the Quality of life for the residents and aggravate the problem. Restrictions prevent Mobilisation and accelerate physical and mental deterioration.

How can this dilemma be solved? Lowheight beds with innovative safety sides offer a particularly promising approach. The Stiegelmeyer Venta care bed sets new standards here. The bed height can be adjusted between approximately 25 and 80 cm, which makes it possible to meet the needs of both occupants and care staff.

If the person needing care is asleep or resting on the bed, the lowest setting is recommended. Even if he or she tried to stand up, the risk of actually causing injury from a fall at this low level is minimal. If the Venta is equipped with the optional Out-of-Bed system, an alarm signals to the carer that the person has left the bed and needs immediate help. Use of the Out-of-Bed system requires the consent of the occupant or the competent authority. The large height adjustment range also promotes staff health: The  highest setting of 80 cm makes it possible to work ergonomically at hip level. Whilst adjusting, the bed automatically stops at approximately 38 cm, which is an optimal height for easily entering and exiting.

The new Venta safety sides also  promote the prevention of liberty restricting measures, which is in keeping with the Werdenfelser approach. It covers more than half of the bed length, thus offering a lot of protection but leaving enough space to get out of bed. If the resident needs more security in some situations, the optional telescopic version of the safety side is the right choice. It can easily be pulled out to cover a large part of the bed. The carer can operate the safety side with one hand, which provides more flexibility in critical situations. If the Venta safety side is lowered, the resident can comfortably sit on the flat handrail.

The Venta bed promotes individual liberty as well as occupant mobility. It also helps avoid liberty restricting measures as much as possible.

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