12. February 2021
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The Sicuro tera – our bed for better work
in the ICU

Numerous intelligent functions support nursing staff and patients

Product manager Lars Schröder is proud of the Sicuro tera. The new ICU bed from Stiegelmeyer is already receiving a lot of approval from our customers right from the start. This is a reward for hard work in our product management and engineering departments. In hospitals, the intensive care unit is one of the areas with the most responsibility, and a new intensive care bed must meet these high demands and point the way to the nursing future.

How does the Sicuro tera manage to do this? "To my knowledge, our new model is the only machine-washable intensive care bed in the world," says Lars Schröder. "This is a point to emphasise, especially during a pandemic." Automated reprocessing enables particularly reliable hygiene that can be validated. The elimination of time-consuming manual cleaning also relieves staff and speeds up the return of the bed to the ward. Machine-washable beds from Stiegelmeyer are very durable and can withstand up to ten times more washing cycles than required by the standard. In the case of Sicuro tera, the machine washability is all the more remarkable because the bed has split safety sides made of plastic – and these otherwise always have to be cleaned by hand.

All functions at the "point of care

The split safety side leads Lars Schröder straight to the next advantage: "All functions of the bed can be operated effortlessly by nursing staff while standing at the side of the bed and taking care of the patient. So there is no need to leave the point of care." The safety side swings down with a damped one-hand release. Control panels in the head-side safety sides combine all important bed functions. Frequently used adjustments, e.g. the cardiac chair position, can be called up via pre-programmed buttons on the panels. And even when the nurse has her hands full, she can control the bed via a double foot switch. "This can be assigned two selectable functions, e.g. height adjustment and lateral tilting," explains the product manager.

Lateral tilting for effortless positioning

The lateral tilting capability of the Sicuro tera supports the best possible positioning of the patient. Turning an immobile person in bed is one of the most strenuous and time-consuming tasks in the hospital – especially when numerous tubes and cables have to be watched out for in the process. Due to the lateral tilting of the mattress base, the bed considerably reduces the effort required. The nurse protects his or her back and can work more efficiently.

The optional integrated scale also contributes to even better medical care. It is particularly important to determine the patient's weight quickly and precisely in order to determine the ideal medication. The bed's scale is accurate to 200 grams. There is no need for time-consuming repositioning or rough estimation, which impairs treatment progress.

When treatment begins, often more than a dozen clinical devices support the monitoring and care of the ICU patient. With standard rails on almost all load-bearing structural parts, the Sicuro tera enables their safe attachment. Rails can even be optionally attached to the safety side. This gives doctors and nursing staff great flexibility.

The bed was developed in a close dialogue with the people who will work with it. Their wishes were the focus of all planning right from the start. "Even after the prototype was finished, we presented it to several hospitals and gathered comprehensive feedback," Lars Schröder reports. He is certain: "The Sicuro tera is a good investment in the future. It will significantly ease the burden on staff in the ICU."

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