17. May 2023
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The new Relax – best support in an elegant design

Bed frame from Burmeier fits perfectly with the bed inserts of the Lippe series

Homecare beds bring a higher quality of life to many people. With the help of the electrically adjustable mattress base, residents can get up more easily and enjoy leisure time in a relaxed manner. But even if the bed is medically neccessary, the change is often mentally challenging. It often means moving out of the marital bed or even out of the bedroom. The functional appearance of a care bed on castors can also be perceived as a disruption in everyday life. Burmeier offers an ideal solution in this case: the combination of the Lippe bed insert and the new Relax bed frame.


Our Lippe bed inserts can be easily fitted into many existing bed frames and offer all the advantages of an electric care bed. People in need of care can simply continue to use their familiar bed.

But perhaps the comfortable Lippe will awaken a desire for new cosiness. Why not also purchase a new bed frame that is perfectly tailored to the Lippe, looks very good and offers many design options? Our classic Relax bed frame has fulfilled all these wishes for many years. We have now updated its design with joy and enthusiasm, so that it corresponds to current trends in furniture design.

Clear, well-defined lines, large wooden surfaces and a high-quality look that exudes both naturalness and sustainability: this is the taste of our time when it comes to beds and other furniture. The new Relax implements all this and is also timelessly simple and elegant. Attractive details include the cosy headboard and the decorative trim on the footboard, which adds a contrasting accent. If the Relax is used together with a Lippe insert, its feet can be concealed with a discreet grey bed case. Four wood decors to choose from give the Relax its very own flair: from the radiant light royal maple to the discreet beech and the smoky Havana cherry to the cosy dark Bella Noce chocolate.


The versatility of the Relax is also reflected in its functionality. The selectable dimensions range from 90 by 200 cm to 140 by 220 cm and fit most of the mattress bases of our Lippe IV and Lippe 120/140 bed inserts. Two Relax single beds can also be screwed together to form a double bed that can be equipped with individual mattress bases. Even in the event of a progressive need for care, sleeping in a shared bed is always possible.

The elegant Relax is a bed frame for every home and every age. Like all Burmeier beds, it is available from medical supply retailers.


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