12. March 2021
// Products & Services

Quado – the best hygiene during
challenging times

Space-saving bedside cabinet sets new standards for manual and automated reprocessing

Reliable hygiene and the fight against Covid-19, multi-resistant germs and other pathogens are top priorities in every hospital. There is a lot of discussion about the reprocessing of beds. We at Stiegelmeyer are also intensively concerned with hygiene-friendly design and machine washability. But what about the bedside cabinets?

Bedside cabinets deserve more attention in consideration of hygiene. Because almost more than beds, they have "hand contact surfaces", which the Robert Koch Institute reminds users to clean thoroughly. Patients, visitors, nursing staff – they all constantly put things on the bedside cabinet: meals, cups, glasses, medicines, flowers, books and magazines. Table tops, handles or drawer pulls are touched by many people. Since food and drink are consumed at the bedside cabinets, they are also particularly susceptible to getting soiled. If the drawer mechanism is then difficult to access, crumbs can get stuck long-term.

Stiegelmeyer and Burmeier have always paid attention to good hygiene properties in the design of their bedside cabinets. The latest and most impressive result of our long experience is the Quado hospital bedside cabinet.

Made largely of plastic, the Quado is already effortless to handle during manual reprocessing. Its ergonomically shaped body contains no sharp-angled corners or niches where dirt could get stuck. Everything is gently rounded and easily accessible. If desired, the drawer can be removed completely and cleaned in the dishwasher. For the hygienists in the hospital, all this means a noticeable reduction in workload and a significant gain in time.

Even faster and more thorough is the reprocessing in a washing system. The Quado is suitable for automated cleaning and disinfection as standard. Stiegelmeyer tests its machine-washable products extensively in its own washing system in Herford. Our video shows how easily and quickly the Quado goes through the washing process in just a few minutes.

In practice, you save even more time, because up to five bedside cabinets fit into one washing chamber – or the Quado is reprocessed together with a machine-washable bed. The lightweight, mobile bedside cabinet can be conveniently hung on a bed head for transport and can also be pushed into the washing facility with the bed if desired. Machine-washable beds and bedside cabinets enable reliable and validatable hygiene. They thus fulfil to a special degree the requirement of the new MDR that medical devices must not pose a risk to users.

The slim, space-saving Quado provides patients with enough storage space for their personal belongings, but prevents excessive hoarding of bottles, cups, plates and other potentially unclean items. Patient rooms are thus much tidier and cleaner from the outset, and there is also more space for mobilising therapies in and around the bed. Of course, the Quado can also be used in nursing homes. There it acts as a server or a light, handy medication trolley.

Our Quado is a bedside cabinet for all wards that supports optimal hygiene, relieves nursing staff in many situations and increases the well-being of patients with its ease of use.

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