20. December 2021
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On cloud nine with mattresses from Burmeier

Heavenly comfort at Christmas and all year round

Christmas is the festival of joy and relaxation. Especially for people in need of care and their relatives, it means a highlight in the often stressful everyday life. The joy is even greater with a gift that permanently increases the quality of life. Our tip: the comfortable healthcare mattresses from the "Fit Series" by Burmeier.

Among others, the premium model Sky-fit and the upper mid-range model Comfort-fit are available. In spring 2022, the heavy-duty mattress Cloud-fit will be added.

All three mattresses have one strength in common: the cold foam on their underside is incised in several places, making it more flexible and pliable. This is crucial so that the mattresses follow the many adjustment variations of the mattress base. Because health-promoting positions such as the sitting or Fowler position cannot unfold their positive effect if a commercially available mattress lies rigidly like a board on the care bed. This cannot happen with the finely matched mattresses from Burmeier.

The incisions have another advantage: all three mattresses become reversible mattresses with two different resting sensations. The user can choose whether he or she prefers to sink softly into the incised side or enjoy the firmer top side. The Sky-fit and Cloud-fit models are also multi-layer mattresses with a layer of high-quality Sky-therm® foam on the top. This foam is pleasantly elastic and ensures a good, dry microclimate thanks to perforations. It reduces punctual pressure loads and thus supports decubitus prophylaxis.

The heavy-duty Cloud-fit model even has an additional cold foam middle layer. With a total height of 16 cm, the Cloud-fit is particularly suitable for people with a body weight of 140 to 240 kg – but of course also for everyone else who wants extra space and comfort in bed. The Cloud-fit will also be available in 120 and 140 cm widths, making it ideal for use in our Allura and Gigant heavy-duty beds.

To maintain the health of people in need of care, they should remain mobile in everyday life for as long as possible. With the Sky-fit and Comfort-fit models, getting up is particularly easy. This is because both have edge zone reinforcement – harder cold foam on the long sides that supports comfortable sitting on the bed side and getting up. During sleep, the edge zone reinforcement also promotes fall prevention, as it allows the resident to roll from the side of the bed back to the centre.

Lastly, all three mattresses convince with a removable reversible cover. It has a soft comfort side and a hard-wearing hygienic side to meet different requirements. For thorough cleaning in the washing machine, it can be opened and easily removed with the help of a zip.

The mattresses of the Fit series are available in medical supply stores. For people in need of care and their relatives, they offer a great plus in quality of life. For retailers, they are a good opportunity to present customers with an attractive additional offer together with the care bed. With mattresses from Burmeier, you will still be floating on cloud nine long after Christmas.

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