15. September 2020
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New beds for young patients

Our models Cuddle and Seta pro junior implement the EU standard for children's beds

Children and young people in hospital have special needs. Many young patients feel anxious outside their familiar home. Others let their temperament run free as usual. Children's and junior beds should therefore have a calming and cheerful effect and at the same time be particularly robust and safe. The latter is also regulated by a new EU standard for paediatric beds since August 2020 (we reported). Anyone wishing to equip their ward with standard-compliant beds of the highest quality will find two attractive new models at Stiegelmeyer.

Our Cuddle is a children's bed for patients between 75 and 125 cm tall – in the new standard it belongs to the category "cot". The Cuddle impresses at first sight with its serial safety sides made of transparent polycarbonate. The children are safely shielded behind the impact-resistant material and yet have a clear view into the room or out of the window. As required by the standard, there are no protrusions, edges or holes inside the bed where the child could pull itself up, bump into or get trapped. The brightly coloured bed with the funny bear faces on the head and footboards looks as friendly and inviting as a small playground.

High-tech behind a cheerful façade

Behind the child-friendly façade, modern technology is concealed for the best possible treatment. Adjustable backrest, foot-down position and Trendelenburg position allow suitable positions for many medical indications. The bed is operated using an intuitive control box that can be locked in a compartment at the foot end – as required by the new standard. Oval slots in the transparent plastic inserts of the head and foot sections are designed for the passage of monitoring cables, drainages and supply lines. The bed is easy to manoeuvre and can be braked quickly and safely thanks to its central castor locking system.

The second new model is the youth bed Seta pro junior. With its mattress base of 78 x 180 cm, it is aimed at children up to the teenage age. At Stiegelmeyer, the Seta series stands for classic, robust and comfortable adult beds. For the first time, its many advantages are now also combined in a youth bed.

Sturdy safety sides

One of the main features are the sturdy full-length safety sides that are firmly integrated into the head and foot sections. They are easy to operate and, thanks to their planar design, effortlessly to clean. The distance between the bars is less than 6 centimetres, in accordance with the standard, to prevent the risk of trapping when reaching through.

The height adjustment range of the bed from 35 to 91 cm allows even tall doctors and nurses to care for patients in a back-friendly manner. The adjustment of the bed is controlled by a control box in the bed linen holder at the foot end, which can be locked under the mattress base. As an option, the Seta pro junior can also be equipped with an LCD handset with a large display and only three buttons, the operation of which is likely to appeal particularly to young people with a digital affinity. This unit can also be locked away in a compartment by the bed in accordance with the standard. The bed's reduced external dimensions of 93 x 193 cm make it easier to use in smaller rooms and to manoeuvre through narrow corridors or narrow doors.

Older paediatric beds will be subject to protection after the new standard comes into effect. Nevertheless, hospitals should deal with the partly significantly increased protection requirements and take the new regulations into account when equipping their wards in the future. Your trusted contacts at Stiegelmeyer will be happy to advise you on this.

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