26. January 2022
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Evario one – the international bed with attention to detail

New hospital bed provides relief on international wards

In most countries, healthcare systems are under pressure like never before. High time, therefore, for a hospital bed that can be used economically in many countries, noticeably relieves nursing staff and promotes patient recovery. Stiegelmeyer is pleased to introduce the new Evario one to the interational market – a bed that has been designed primarily for the emerging markets in Eastern Europe, Asia and Africa. We spoke to our technical product manager Lars Schröder about the many advantages of the new model.




Mr Schröder, what do you particularly like about the Evario one?

I am proud that this bed meets many requirements better than comparable models on the world market at a very good price-performance ratio.

Can you give a few examples?

Let's take the height adjustment of the mattress base. The Evario one has a range of 38 to 82 cm. That is significantly more than many hospital beds, especially in the upper range. Nurses of all body heights can work with the Evario one in an upright posture and relieve the strain on their backs. One of the biggest causes of health problems is thus defused. And that's not all: thanks to its modern motorisation, the bed travels through this large adjustment range in only 23 seconds, which is 5 seconds faster than most comparable models. Added up to a working day, this saves a lot of time, and especially in an emergency, every second counts.

And this speed is not at the expense of load-bearing capacity?

No, the Evario one has a high safe working load of 250 kg, which it can handle in mains operation alone without battery support. We have tested the load capacity of all components far beyond the normative regulations. In our test bay, the bed was even able to bear a weight of 1,150 kg without damage when at standstill. Of course, no one should imitate this in everyday life, but it gives an idea of how durable the Evario one is. Buyers are investing here at a very good price in quality that will pay off for many years. Especially since Stiegelmeyer is always available as a strong partner with its proverbial service and 15-year promise to supply spare parts.

Keyword maintenance: How does the bed support the technical staff in everyday life?

A great advantage is the placement of the battery and the control unit under the backrest. There they are easily accessible at all times and can be removed and replaced without loosening screws. If the bed has split ¾-side safety sides with integrated control panels, technicians will also find helpful options there for maintaining the bed.

This brings us to the topic of operation. What options does the Evario one offer?

There are several customised control concepts, all of which can be used without training. Generally, a handset with colour-highlighted buttons is available. Thanks to easy-to-understand symbols, even cognitively impaired patients can manage well. With the help of an unlocking magnet, the nurse can also activate the CPR function and the Trendelenburg position directly on the handset and thus react quickly in an emergency and selectively lock individual functions.

What's the deal with the control panels you just mentioned?

Since the introduction of our Evario hospital bed, we have offered integrated control panels for the split plastic safety sides. With the Evario one, we have now reduced the functions to the essentials with the " control panel light". The panels are integrated on both sides of the head side safety side elements. Facing inside they offer comfortable adjustment options for the patient, facing outside they also contain helpful functions for nursing staff and technicians. When the backrest is adjusted, the safety sides and the panels move with it so that they always remain within reach of the patient.

In addition to the handset and the panels, we offer nurse controls at the foot end, which allow the nurses to effortlessly lock individual adjustments. The smaller operating module S again combines the essential options in a very concentrated way, the larger nurse control M provides a lot of comfort.

What choices do our customers have for the safety sides?

There are two versions to choose from, both of which cover three quarters of the mattress base and thus offer standard-compliant safety. If a patient needs protection over the entire length of the bed, filler pieces can be easily inserted.

The split ¾-safety side consists of two plastic elements per bed side. In order for the patient to stand up, it is sufficient to lower the larger foot-side element. This can be done in seconds with one hand. The second alternative is the continuous ¾-side safety side with slender bars. Here, the patient enjoys an unobstructed view into the room or out of the window at all times. The continuous ¾-safety side swings down parallel to the mattress base and therefore does not require any additional space next to the bed – an advantage in small multi-bed rooms, for example.

That sounds really promising. In conclusion, can you think of any other benefits of the bed?

But of course. The great thing about the Evario one is the attention to detail, which is reflected in numerous small strengths and innovations. Suppose the patient has moved the bed to the comfortable sitting position to enjoy his meal. When returning to the lying position, the mattress base automatically stops in the horizontal position – this is an advantage that by no means all hospital beds offer.

Or the protection when moving and manoeuvring: On the one hand, the bed can be steered very well anyway, especially with a fifth castor as a directional castor. On the other hand, it is optimally protected against collision damage when manoeuvring and during height adjustment by wall deflection rollers and cones. Of course, the Evario one also offers many attachment options for accessories all around. The wishes of our customers and the requirements of the international markets have shaped the design of the bed. Now I am looking forward to seeing the Evario one in use.

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