22. September 2021
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Comfort and digitalisation with the Elvido

Successful care bed was modernised

Even more comfortable, even more digital – Stiegelmeyer has successfully modernised the Elvido care bed series. With easy usability and homelike design, the low-height beds ensure well-being in nursing homes.

Digital support is the key to more relief in long-term care. The new Out-of-Bed systems (OOB) of the Elvido series are a big step forward on this path. Two variants are available: the OOB Smart, which is permanently installed on the bed, and the mobile OOB Flex, which works with a sensor bar on the mattress base.

If a resident who is at risk of falling gets up, both systems send the message on request not only to the house call system, but also to the nursing staff's smartphone or a dashboard on the PC at the nurses' station. The signaling intervals and activation times of the systems can be precisely set via app or internet. This does not require a complex Wi-Fi infrastructure in the building. It has never been so easy to increase the safety of the residents and to relieve the staff, especially at night.

Flexibility with Vario Safe

Care beds have to meet very different requirements. With the Vario Safe system, the Elvido beds adapt flexibly to the needs of the resident. The split safety side can be attached and removed without tools – with the help of patented fasteners. The head and foot sections can also be easily removed and replaced with Vario Safe. In this way, for example, the fall prevention properties of the bed can be expanded step by step or the appearance can be changed with new upholstered elements.

If the Elvido is to be equipped with full-length or combinable split safety sides, a new system provides strong advantages here as well: Easy Click. The rails are simply and securely "clicked" onto pre-assembled brackets and can thus also be attached and removed at any time without tools. Thorough cleaning of the bars is thus just as possible as the economical swap between several beds.

Low-height bed for fall prevention

As a low-height bed with a large height adjustment range of approx. 25 to 80 cm, the Elvido supports fall prevention in the lowest position even without the use of safety sides. At the same time, it enables the caregiver to work in an upright position, which is easy on the back.

A beautiful, homelike bed makes a decisive contribution to a pleasant atmosphere. Attractive wood decors, upholstery in many colours and elegantly quilted head and footboards transform every Elvido into a personal dream bed. This year, the rough-grained wood decor beech Crenata sets particularly convincing accents.

The beds of the Elvido family precisely meet specific needs: the low Elvido vervo, the highly mobile Elvido movo, the resilient Elvido forto and the mechanical Elvido rega. Combined with Stiegelmeyer's first-class service, these beds are a secure investment in the future.

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