21. July 2020
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Care beds and mattresses from one source

Burmeier introduces a new dimension of well-being for people in home care

Burmeier beds support people in need of care with many convenient functions. A good mattress is important for these technical strengths to work. For example, what use is the most comfortable adjustment of the mattress base if a rigid mattress does not move along with it? With mattresses from Burmeier, however, residents can make full use of the possibilities of their bed and enjoy healthy, soothing sleep. For specialist dealers, our mattresses offer the chance to make their customers a very attractive offer.

If you receive a care bed on prescription, e.g. in Germany, a mattress is included. But these standard mattresses do not meet the highest demands. However, people in need of care often spend the whole day in bed – so the mattress should feel very comfortable, contribute to protection against pressure sores and meet hygienic requirements. Burmeier responds to these needs with the three models Sky-fit, Comfort-fit and Basic-fit. Ask your specialist medical supplies dealer for Burmeier mattresses and treat yourself or your relatives to a great deal of well-being. Thanks to the combination of care bed and mattress from the market leader, users can also be sure that their system meets all normative safety requirements.

Maximum comfort with the premium model Sky-fit

The Sky-fit is our premium model for highest comfort. This two-layer mattress consists of a Sky-therm® top layer and a cold foam base and is 14 cm high in total. Sky-therm® is a foam that ensures a balanced distribution of pressure and at the same time makes movement easier for the user. With Sky-therm® the skin remains well supplied with blood and has a close contact with the surface of the mattress, so that a permanent exchange of heat and moisture can take place.

Incisions in the cold foam base ensure that the Sky-fit flexibly follows the adjustments of the mattress base. Even in the sitting position, it effortlessly adopts the S-shape of the bed. The user can therefore enjoy many health-promoting lying positions. Reinforced edge zones also ensure that the resident can sit comfortably on the side of the bed and does not roll too close to the edge of the bed at night.

If the patient wants a softer lying experience, the mattress can be turned so that the patient sinks comfortably into the incised cold foam layer. The upper and lower sides of the mattress cover can also be changed: One half is made of a soft mixture of polyester and viscose, the other half of polyurethane for high hygienic requirements. The entire cover can be cleaned in the washing machine.

Comfort-fit and Basic-fit

The mattress Comfort-fit is our high-quality middle-class model. This mattress consists of a 14 cm high layer of elastic polyurethane cold foam. Here, too, you benefit from incisions on the underside for perfect adaptation to the mattress base – and from the possibility of turning the mattress over.  The Comfort-fit also has reinforced edge zones and a turnable cover with comfort and hygiene side.

Practical, comfortable and durable – the Basic-fit mattress is our entry-level model with a very good price-performance ratio. This single-layer mattress made of 12 cm high polyurethane offers high lying comfort day and night. Its polyurethane cover can also be easily removed and washed in the washing machine. A particular advantage of the Basic-fit is the many sizes in which it is available. This mattress fits both the short version of our Westfalia IV care bed with 90 x 180 cm and the extended Lippe 140 bed insert with 140 x 220 cm.

The best care beds and mattresses from a single source: With Burmeier people in need of care experience a new dimension of well-being.

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