06. April 2021
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A quick recovery in the Evario

Hospital beds are expected to meet an extremely broad range of requirements

Hospital beds are expected to meet an extremely broad range of requirements. The tasks they are faced with in the various hospital units are so wide-ranging that you could be forgiven for thinking that the answer is to use a variety of special-purpose models. But wouldn’t it be easier and more user-friendly, as well as more costeffective, to have one model of bed that would meet every need?

This is precisely the approach taken by Stiegelmeyer in developing the Evario. The Evario is suitable not only for day-to-day patient care, but also for intensive care and for promoting a speedy recovery. Its high level of comfort and stylish appearance make it an ideal bed for exclusive rooms. It allows such a variety of decors and forms to be combined that the design spectrum ranges from cosy stylishness to contemporary clean lines. Its intelligent modular system makes the Evario equally at home in any hospital unit. A variety of control options, safety side systems, castors and head and footboards are brought together to form a practical and attractively versatile hospital bed which addresses individual requirements while still providing excellent value for money.

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