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Stiegelmeyer Service takes 7 Volkswagen Multivans into operation

08. November 2017

Throughout Germany, it stands for punctuality, reliability and competence: Stiegelmeyer's technical service. There is no better service for the inspection, maintenance and repair of beds. With new larger vehicles we are now increasing our "first time fix rate" – which means that even more orders can be completed on the first visit than before.

A few weeks ago, 7 VW T6 Multivans were put into operation – a new model in the Stiegelmeyer fleet. The vans are used throughout Germany and Austria. Locations include Freystadt in the Upper Palatinate, Schöneck in the Main-Kinzig district of Hesse and Geisa in Thuringia. Our technicians in these regions cover more than 35,000 kilometres per year. The new vehicles with automatic transmission, cruise control and rear view camera offer a high level of safety in road traffic.

The spacious T6 is designed to enable the technicians to transport more spare parts,"says Dorina Küster, administrator at the Stiegelmeyer customer service. For example, it is now very easy to transport safety sides for hospital beds, which means fewer journeys. All parties involved save time and money and protect the environment.

Sliding doors on both sides make it much easier for our technicians to load and unload the Multivans. It makes work even more ergonomic and back- friendly than before. Additional T6 vans are to be acquired as early as next year. In addition to the large vans, the customer service fleet consists of Volkswagen Caddies.

The Multivans are also, of course, a good advertisement for Stiegelmeyer and have been given a dynamic message by our marketing people. They show a "pit stop motif" – our technicians servicing a hospital bed in a matter of seconds, like a pit stop team working on a Formula 1 car.

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