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Introducing: The Burmeier Sales Office Staff

The Sales Office Staff of Burmeier imagines

12. March 2017

In the world of home care in Germany, they play an important role: The sales team of 11 women and two men at the Burmeier offices in Lage, Germany. For specialist medical retailers, they are the professional point of contact for service enquiries and bed sales. We asked them what their jobs entail.

From the left: Nicole Schröder, Angelika Deimann, Thomas Heissenberg, Trudi Eckhardt, Lieselotte Westphal, Andrea Auktuhn, Anja Nitecki, Julia Neumann, Tatjana Schumnik, Kristina Hellberg, Irina Dietrich, Reiner Rekemeier, Mariell Bracht

What does your job at Burmeier involve?
We provide support for the sale of new beds throughout Germany. We process the orders, update customer data, consult customers and give out information on prices and delivery. We're responsible for customer service, we help customers to determine which replacement parts are needed and we support the online shops.

What is it that makes your work in the sales office so special?
At Burmeier, no two days are the same. It's never boring! We must be quick and flexible and be able to fully engage with the customers – we have been very successful in this so far. Our team is made up of great and completely different people who complement each other, are mutually supportive and always listen to one another.

What were the highlights for you over these past few weeks?
The highlights for us are always the pleasant telephone calls with our customers and the success of being able to help them as quickly as possible. We take pleasure in being able to achieve a great deal together as an overall team. And we enjoy barbecuing together in our Friday lunch break – to set the mood for the weekend.




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