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Introducing: our service centre

Every day is different

08. November 2017
From left to right: Gerd Kamin, Thorben Wittland, Daniela Dolič, Marco Windmann Knapp, Luisa Fricke, Tanja Kreft, Jessica Milbredt, Birgit von Carnap, Sebastian Krohn, Gina Bredemeier, Frank Dörsing, Laurence Hüttemann

Every day is different

But our goal is always the same – to offer our customers the best possible service. Twelve colleagues at the service centre in Herford work to this end with competence and passion. We asked the team headed by Frank Dörsing what makes their work so special.

What do you do at Stiegelmeyer?

In our service centre, we provide the after-sales support for our customers in Germany and abroad – including all technical support and supplying spare parts. We process quotations, orders, invoices and returns and solve even more complex technical problems. Export also involves customs clearance.

What is it that makes your work in customer service so special?

The variety – sometimes we do nothing short of detective work. From just a few pieces of information on the phone or from pictures we have to deduce exactly which spare part is needed. The daily contact with our customers is a lot of fun, while in the export business, foreign language exchanges and the consideration of cultural particularities are added.

What were the highlights for you over these past few weeks?

We were particularly pleased to welcome 3 trainees into our team. An exciting challenge was also conducting a technical training course with a South African, a Pakistani, a Ukrainian and a Greek. Every day here is special in its own way.

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