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2 helpful tips for the care bed Venta
27. February 2018

Our beds and furniture are packed with practical details that make the work of care staff much easier. But in hectic everyday life, we don’t always have everything to hand and often make things more strenuous than necessary. In our new “Did you know ...?” series, therefore, our Stiegelmeyer and Burmeier product managers now introduce you to some of the most useful functions of our beds. To kick off, Michaela Amedick, new product manager for the Care division (residential care), will be highlighting the particular strengths of the Venta low-height bed.

Tip 1: Venta safety sides

1. Venta safety sides can be lowered effortlessly with just one hand.

2. Simply push the red safety catch forwards with one finger and lower the safety side with gentle pressure towards the foot end.

3. With a flick of the hands, the safety sides gently rise up again automatically. Both sides can be operated simultaneously from the foot end.

Tip 2: Removable head and footboards

1. Care activities such as foot care or hair washing are much easier if there is unobstructed access to the resident at the head and foot ends. Our optional removable head and footboards are a great help here.

2. The head and footboards can be easily lifted off and later slotted back onto their fixings, without the use of tools. This saves the care staff time in many situations.



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