23. June 2021
// Inside

Successful start in Hiddenhausen

Burmeier has moved completely to its new location

Large open window fronts and elegant metal façades characterise the building complex on Industriestrasse in Hiddenhausen, Germany. Burmeier's new headquarters is an architectural highlight in the extensive industrial park. After the logistics centre had already moved from Lage to Hiddenhausen last year, the administration followed in May. Burmeier is responsible for homecare in the Stiegelmeyer-Group – and this division is now stronger and more modern than ever before.

In the history of Burmeier, the move marks a major turning point. Since its foundation in 1930, the company had been operating in Lage for over 90 years. Until the 1980s, dining room furniture for private households was produced there. Since 1989, Burmeier has been a subsidiary of the Stiegelmeyer-Group. With the introduction of nursing care insurance in Germany in 1995, the company took over the homecare division – with steadily growing success. The care bed Dali developed into the best-selling model in Europe, the comfortable Regia sets strong accents in the market for private customers. Burmeier delivers up to 250 beds a day. The promise is to fulfil the wishes of the German medical supply trade in only 24 to 48 hours.

9,000 square metres of storage capacity

The warehouse in Lage was no longer able to cope with these high demands. In the meantime, four more off-site warehouses had to be rented to ensure smooth operations. Therefore, the Stiegelmeyer-Group seized the opportunity when the 9,000 square metre warehouse of a former furniture manufacturer in Hiddenhausen came up for sale. The building was modernised and a spacious extension for administration was added.


The aim of the move is to provide even better and faster customer service through digital management and very good transport connections. After the goods have been digitally commissioned with the help of scanners and loaded, the trucks reach the A2 and A30 motorways in the shortest possible time and travel from this central position to locations all over Germany.

The administrative staff will find the best conditions for efficient, motivating work in their new offices. When the Corona pandemic hopefully ends soon, the signs everywhere point to a new start full of energy and ideas. Burmeier is well prepared for this.

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