06. September 2021
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Stiegelmeyer with cinema flair

New company videos provide modern and emotional insights into our company

The camera flies dynamically over Stiegelmeyer-Group's headquarters in Herford. It glides into the showroom, circles the roof terrace on the fourth floor, looks over the shoulder of the marketing department. Our new company video brings viewers right into the middle of everyday life at Stiegelmeyer. Our creativity and energy become just as clear as the joy we feel while working.

The Herford portrait on YouTube is the first of three new company videos. Two more films about our Polish locations in Stolno and Kepno are nearing completion. The aim of the videos is to convey an authentic impression of the innovative strength and size of our company. Customers will get to know us as well as people who would like to work at Stiegelmeyer or Burmeier.

From storyboard to flying camera

The basis for the videos is always a storyboard. The marketing department determines what should be shown and in what order, and consults with the video team about the best implementation. The closer the planned shooting date gets, the more intense the look at the weather app becomes. A bit of blue sky and a few rays of sunshine are indispensable if the company doesn't want to spread a cloudy image for years. During our shoot in Herford in autumn 2020, the planning worked out perfectly, the light and the sky were as beautiful as a painting.

Company videos benefit immensely from the use of modern camera drones. Long gone are the days when company speakers stood in front of static office booths and read out texts. Today, camera movements and flights are possible, which were previously only known from cinema productions. In the end, this makes the video much more informative and emotional.

Texts with the stopwatch

For the marketing team, the dynamic technology poses new tasks. When the camera flies along the four floors of the administration building, you should think about the position of dozens of blinds beforehand. Are they all lowered to block the sun? Is it possible that one of them is accidentally tilted? In the video, such details can make a lot of difference, so all the window fronts have to be surveyed first.

After filming is completed, the video company creates a first cut. Then comes the fine-tuning: the final sequence, the exact timing and the transitions of the scenes are determined. At the same time, the marketing department starts writing the voice-over. An off-screen voice is supposed to present important facts exactly in line with the video. The more dynamic the images, the simpler and more comprehensible the language must be. Intensive readings with a stopwatch in hand are

No false "fame"

Once the text has been written, the marketing department selects suitable speakers for the languages German, English and Polish. To do this, they listen intensively to the voice samples in an audio file: man or woman, younger or older, warm alto or creaky bass? The choice must be made wisely, because the selected speakers record their texts independently in a studio. Afterwards, there are only a few possibilities for changes. However, a funny mistake in the video about our location Stolno had to be corrected: The original text mentioned the historical name "Famed" (pronounced Fah-met) of our Polish subsidiary. Both the German and English speakers did not hesitate for a second to pronounce the name like the English word "famed". After a moment's consideration, we thought it was too glamorous, despite the famous quality of our beds.

We hope that our new company video from Herford keeps you well informed and entertained. Give us a Like and feel free to share the link with anyone interested.

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