25. March 2017
// Inside

Beds under a blue sky

Stiegelmeyer's newly designed showroom combines nature, home comforts and numerous furnishing and decoration ideas

The visitor stands on the footpath in Herford, the weather grey, the wind cold. Yet just a few steps away and through a glass door, a completely different world awaits. The sundrenched hills of Tuscany, a crystal clear mountain lake, the Eiffel Tower in Paris – welcome to Stiegelmeyer's newly remodelled showroom!

The transparent showroom building with its vast glass façade has been an architectural highlight in the Füllenbruchstraße street since 2009. Now, the display of beds and furnishings in its interior has been modernised and made even more interesting and informative with a wealth of original ideas.

Home comfort and elegance are major themes for our care beds. Whether at home or in a retirement home, the user should feel comfortable and be able to live each day as self-reliantly and happily as possible.

The underlying idea, therefore, was to show these homelike beds in an equally homelike ambience. The Stiegelmeyer marketing team collaborated with the companies pape architekten and Vogelsänger to put the project into effect. The exhibition is now a circular tour through lovingly furnished rooms that reflect totally different characters, styles and cultural backgrounds. Visitors can explore the effect of the beds in an ideal setting – and take away a number of furnishing tips.

A brief look back in history

An excursion into Stiegelmeyer's successful history awaits on the ground floor. Illuminated panels showing historical beds from the entire 20th century reveal the innovative energy of the company. A few steps further along, the suite eMotion comfort bed weaves its magic against a backdrop of elegantly designed walls and decorations.

The following rooms on the ground floor exhibit care beds from the Care range. Actually, there are no closed rooms as such, just cleverly placed walls that lead the visitor from one model room to the next. Each room tells the story of an imaginary person in need of care. The Elvido rega and Classiko models, for example, are shown in a cosy handicrafts room with knitting materials next to the bed. A large illuminated panel on the wall suggests a view from the window across summery fields of lavender, which will lift the mood whatever the season.

A dash of temperament and tempo surrounds the Arena heavy-duty bed, on the other hand, which evidently belongs to a motor enthusiast. The photos and models of vintage sports cars are captivating and demonstrate just how much space and how many opportunities for creative decoration are provided by Stiegelmeyer's cabinet system.

The comfy Carino residential bed appears to be completely out in the open: The entire ceiling is a blue sky with vibrant green treetops. Next to the Soleo care bed is a coffee table with a Black Forest gateau, which would be good enough to bite into if it were not just an artistic prop.

After climbing the stairs to the first floor, the visitor enters a wide, open area used for conferences and presentations. Our hospital beds are arranged around the edges, where their modern design is shown to excellent effect against large white illuminated panels. Further development is planned for this area in the near future. At the end of this hall, the next circular tour begins – this time with Burmeier beds for care at home.

Music is in the air

Here too, discoveries for the home await. Despite its regional name, the Westfalia III is perfect for a city panorama of Paris. The tour ends with the Regia care bed and one of the most attractive rooms – a music room, where a violinist lives. The instrument stands, ready to play, on an elegant white armchair and the bow is waiting to coax the notes of Vivaldi and Mozart from the strings. This shows the value of maintaining one's own mobility and agility into old age. Stiegelmeyer's company mission states: "Our products sustain the quality of life of those in need of care and enhance their well-being through comfort and safety. Our beds help people to age with dignity and make caring easier." The newly designed showroom demonstrates how we want to achieve these aims. We look forward to your visit!

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