04. September 2019
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25 years of success

Stiegelmeyer in Nordhausen celebrates its anniversary and sets the course for the future

Stiegelmeyer in Nordhausen has been an innovative company and an important employer in the region for 25 years. Around 115 employees produce beds and bedside lockers, here, as well as homelike furniture for care facilities.

Immediately after reunification, Stiegelmeyer in Herford decided to set up a production site in the new German federal states. Furniture for care facilities represented a promising market at the time – and this is the case now more than ever. A completely new building in Thuringia, in the heart of Germany, proved to be the best solution.

Connected by Queen Mathilde

The property in Nordhausen is still an ideal location with good transport connections. There are also historical reasons why the new access road constructed at that time was named Herforder Strasse (Herford Road): Mathilde, a count’s daughter who had been brought up in a monastery in Herford, married Henry of Saxony in 909, became queen of the East Francia and founded a convent in Nordhausen. Later, after a dispute over her family's succession, she returned to East Westphalia.

Nordhausen has a great industrial tradition, which meant there were highly qualified specialists there. Production started in the newly constructed building at the end of 1994. 17 of the first 25 employees celebrated their 25th anniversary with the company this year. This shows how close and trusting the relationship is between the company and its employees. A newly designed canteen, modernised changing rooms and a new car park have further improved the working conditions.

Contract furniture for the discerning

Motivated specialists are the company's greatest strength. They feel connected to the products they make and know that their work is a crucial factor in the well-being of people in need of care. Planning customised contract furniture is one of the most appealing tasks. This furniture, manufactured with millimetre precision, considerably improves the quality of life in care homes and hospitals.

Stiegelmeyer trains its up-and-coming specialists every year and has enjoyed an excellent reputation in Thuringia in this respect since 1995. “In 2016, a young wood mechanic from Nordhausen was the national champion”, says plant manager Rainer Marsoun, “and this is a great success for us”. Many apprentices still work for the company many years after their training. Applications for apprenticeships and jobs are always welcome.

Social welfare cooperation

The Nordhausen facility also works closely with the Nordthüringer Lebenshilfe charity to integrate people with disabilities into the company according to their abilities and skills. A chair lift has been installed for this purpose along with a workstation for delicate assembly work. Stiegelmeyer values these people as particularly motivated, innovative and loyal employees.

Stiegelmeyer in Nordhausen has been developing continuously for a quarter of a century and is still setting a steadfast course for the future. Today, ultra-modern care beds are produced on four assembly lines in multi-shift operation. “Currently, we are shaping the transformation process towards digitisation in order to be prepared for tomorrow's requirements,” explains Rainer Marsoun. Stiegelmeyer is investing in the automation of its manufacturing processes and in new IT systems.

The employees will celebrate the company's anniversary on 6 September together with the shareholder family Kemmler, the management, friends and companions. Nordhausen and Stiegelmeyer – this will continue to be a success story in the decades to come.

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