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5 stars for your health

The Asklepios St. Wolfgang hospital in Bad Griesbach south of Passau brings together a combination of health, wellness and premium comfort.

Delicious cocktails for more fun

The Bielefeld ‘Fruchtalarm’ (‘Fruit Alarm’) project supports young people in the cancer unit

Avoiding the pitfalls of standards and legislation

Our customer centre explains what to look out for when inspecting beds

Living in a comfortable community

The Seniorenzentrum Röttgersbach is breaking new ground in nursing care

Fun for princesses and superstars

Clinic-Clowns Hanover at the paediatric hospital “Kinderkrankenhaus auf der Bult”

"The best part is the gratitude"

The mobile care service of the Red Cross gives us an insight into their work

Stiegelmeyer and Belimed

 For reliable hygiene

LWL - For people. For Westphalia-Lippe.

The Regional Association of Westphalia-Lippe (LWL) Hospital Lengerich

High in demand... Dali's the word!

Frank Himmelskötter in an interview with Manuel Jennen on the improved Dali II 24 Volt by Burmeier

Fall prevention

Made in Australia


A great challenge for hospitals and care homes

A brief look at the vitamins

Did you know that vitamins are not only important but are actually essential for our health?

Vegetables cost more than sugary snacks

We spoke to Prof. Dr. oec. troph. Maria-Elisabeth Herrmann about the growing problem of obesity

Mobility promotion in care-giving routines

Simone Weinfurtner , center manager , talks about the mobilization in everyday care

User report Diakonie Düsseldorf - Wichern - Haus

Topic series: experience from practice tune in & pick up on

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