24. November 2022
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The Quado as a mobile companion

Did you know …?

Products which fulfil important requirements, demonstrate new solutions and facilitate work in everyday life – that is what Stiegelmeyer stands for. As the new Marketing Product Manager in the hospital division, Tabea Lanzke makes sure that the wishes of customers constantly take the centre stage. Ms. Lanzke knows these wishes very well: At the beginning of her career, she worked for ten years as a specialised nurse for anaesthesia and intensive care medicine in several hospitals in North-Rhine Westphalia, Germany. Since then, she has been operating in the medical device management with huge success.

At Stiegelmeyer, Ms. Lanzke was immediately impressed by the space-saving bedside cabinet Quado. She recognized its potential as a mobile companion in hospitals and nursing homes. In our series "Did you know …?", she reviews new areas of daily application in which the lightweight, easily manoeuvrable Quado supports nursing staff.

Practical server during nursing rounds

Nurses frequently enter the patient’s room for nursing rounds several times a day. The Quado transports all important devices, for example:

  • Stethoscope
  • Blood pressure monitor
  • Clinical thermometer
  • Medications

All tools can be stored on the big overbed table top and in the easily accessible compartments, in a structured way and within easy reach. And there is another huge advantage: Since the space-saving companion can be pushed close to the bed at almost every place, it constantly serves as a hygienic storage space.

Simultaneously, the big stable overbed table top is safe to use for nursing documentation – electronically or paper-based.

Transport of material for medical routines

Just as safely as nursing utensils, the Quado also transports aids for the medical care of patients such as

  • Equipment for blood sampling
  • Bandaging material and other utensils for wound management
  • Rinses
  • Discharge container

The simple hygienic reprocessing of the Quado is particularly valuable here.

Helper during manual reprocessing on site

In everyday hospital life, acute contamination of a hospital bed can occur at any time. Apart from scheduled reprocessing, a quick cleaning on site is necessary. The Quado effortlessly transports wipes, cleaning agents and disinfectants into the patient’s room. As a practically equipped hygiene trolley, it should be always available in nurse duty rooms. Thanks to its flat, low-niche design, the Quado itself can be reprocessed very easily and thoroughly. Additionally, it is suitable for automated reprocessing. If desired, it can be attached to the head or footboard of a bed and pushed along into the washing system.

Linen storage

The frequent changing of beds on the ward can become logistically challenging. Above all, the question arises: Where can nursing staff briefly put down the blanket and pillow before re-covering them? "In the past, they were often placed on the windowsill, but today many hospitals have floor-to-ceiling windows", explains Tabea Lanzke. Integrated linen holders are no longer available on many bed models – especially when it comes to specialised beds like ICU beds. And even if they are, they mostly are very small and located so close to the floor, that the nurse can strain their back and often drag the bedding across the floor in an unhygienic way.

The hight-adjustable Quado solves all these problems. Its overbed table offers a large, ergonomic tray for blankets and pillows. Fresh bed linen can be stored in advance in its compartments.

Are you interested in getting to know more about the intelligent Quado? We have compiled all the facts for you in our brochure. Your trusted contact at Stiegelmeyer will also be happy to advise you at any time.

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