24. May 2023
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Rotating the Vitano bedside cabinet

Did you know?

A bedside cabinet with a height-adjustable overbed table has many advantages in a hospital room. For example, it serves as a table for the patient during meals or as a helper for the nursing staff during ward rounds and medical routines. Since the positioning of the overbed table next to the bed is often dictated by the room furnishings, the bedside cabinet must, however, be mounted on the "correct" side of the corpus in order to be ideally usable. Our Vitano bedside cabinet avoids this limitation of flexibility with its standard rotating corpus. The Vitano can be optimally aligned with the patient at any position.

Our product manager Lasse Radtke shows you how easy it is to rotate the corpus of the Vitano in just a few simple steps.


To release the corpus from its fixed position, operate the small dark grey release mechanism at the front left above the large drawer.*


Press the release mechanism down.


Now you can slowly turn the corpus 180°. At 90°, the corpus initially snaps into place. Press the release mechanism again to turn the corpus further until it snaps into place again.


Comfort and support from all sides – discover the Vitano bedside cabinet and take advantage of its economic flexibility.


* For the Vitano variant with 30-litre refrigerator, the top drawer must first be removed so that the release for rotating can be operated.


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