22. May 2024
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Did you know?

More comfort and flexibility with the Vario Safe bed width extension

A unique new feature now provides even more comfort and flexibility for our Elvido and Libra care beds: the attachable bed width extension. "It is another component of our Vario Safe system," explains Ilona Wiemann, marketing product manager for the nursing home division. "Previously, the tool-free exchange of head and footboards as well as side panels already made it possible to quickly adapt the beds to the needs of different residents. Now we have taken the Vario Safe system a step further and are offering an attractive unique selling point with the new bed width extension, which will noticeably improve the quality of life of residents."

On average, people are getting taller and heavier, while at the same time the demand for space and comfort is increasing. A flexible bed width extension of 10 cm, which can be attached in a matter of minutes and switched between different beds, gives care facilities a great deal more flexibility and homelike comfort. The extension set, which can also be ordered retrospectively, is suitable for the Stiegelmeyer Elvido and Libra bed series with the Vario Safe system – regardless of the mattress base dimensions. 90 cm wide beds can be extended to 100 cm, 100 cm beds to a comfortable 110 cm.

Attaching the bed width extension is done in just a few steps:

  1. remove the Vario Safe safety sides or panels from the bed and store them within easy reach.
  2. loosen the screws on the 4 mattress retainer bars and remove the bars. Store them well so that they are ready for use again when the bed width extension is removed.
  3. now attach the 4 wider mattress retainer bars that are part of the set in the same place.
  4. the bed width extension itself consists of a 5 cm wide metal strut for each side of the bed. Simply insert these elements into the head and foot end holders for the safety sides on the bed frame.
  5. The newly inserted struts have all the mounts you need to attach your safety sides or panels. Simply re-attach them and snap in the Vario Safe patented fasteners.
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