06. January 2023
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Care bed Dali – how to connect the lifting motors during assembly

Over a million of Burmeier's Dali care bed are in use. Every day, the technicians of the medical supply companies easily assemble the Dali in the homes of people in need of care. In order to put the bed into operation safely and smoothly, one assembly step is particularly important: the lifting motors at the head and foot end must be correctly connected to the bed's control system. Our product manager Frank Himmelskötter explains how to do this in just a few moments.

The Dali has a large height adjustment range of 40 to 80 cm to allow comfortable entry and exit and ergonomic nursing work. When the mattress base moves up and down, electromechanical limit switches in the lifting columns signal the limits of the adjustment range. Therefore, the lifting motors must be securely connected to the control in the centre of the bed so that the limit switches are in operation and are not exceeded during height adjustment.

The Dali is usually delivered on a storage and transport aid. First assemble the bed. As you can see, two cables with connectors at the ends go out from the control under the centre of the mattress base. These cables must be plugged into the lifting motors by the technician. The procedure at the head and foot end is identical.

There is a hook just before the plug connection on the motor. Hook the cable here, at its straight section. Do not squeeze the spiralised part of the cable into the hook.


Now insert the plug into the socket on the lifting motor in such a way that the cable comes from above.


There is an orange pull-out safety catch directly next to the plug connection. Hold the plug firmly in the socket with one hand and push the pull-out safety catch over the plug with the other hand until it locks securely in place. Make sure to do this step last and finally check again that the plug is securely in place. Caution: If the safety catch has already engaged in advance, the plug cannot be properly inserted.


Finally, repeat the process at the other end of the bed. Now the mattress base height adjustment is ready for use.


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