27. January 2023
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Advantages of the Vario Safe system in special situations

Did you know ...?

Stiegelmeyer care beds with the Vario Safe system provide more safety and cost-effectiveness. The tool-free exchange of safety sides, head and footboards enables the beds to be quickly adapted to the needs of different residents. But even without a general modification of the bed, the Vario Safe system always provides small assistance in everyday life. Ilona Wiemann, our marketing product manager for the nursing home division, has put together some examples for you.​​​​​​​


Trouble-free bed transport

If our beds have to be moved to another part of the building, they can be controlled well and manoeuvred precisely even in small spaces. Nevertheless, very narrow passages can become obstacles. The Vario Safe system solves many problems here: Since all elements of the bed surround can be removed without tools, the bed becomes considerably narrower and shorter in a matter of minutes. The width can be reduced from 104 to 90 cm, the length from 211 to 202 cm. In a lift with a narrow door and insufficient depth, this can make all the difference.

Last but not least, removing the bed surround also makes it lighter, making it easier to push over thresholds and thus reducing the risk of damage to the bed or the floor.

The Vario Safe system is thoughtfully designed so that the safety sides cover the bed in a homelike manner even without additional panels. Only when no safety sides are configured do panels take their place. This makes the entire bed narrower, easier to handle and, above all, more hygienic, as there are fewer surfaces and niches to clean.

When personal hygiene takes place in bed

If the resident can no longer get up, many nursing care routines have to be done directly at the bed. Here, the tool-free removal of the head and footboards can lead to a noticeable relief. Hair washing, foot care and physiotherapy are possible close to the resident from the optimal frontal direction. In general, personal hygiene and changing nappies are made easier; the ergonomic nursing height of the bed of approx. 80 cm also contributes to this.

Emergency evacuation

In the unlikely event of a fire or imminent flooding, every second counts to evacuate the residents. If bedridden people have to be moved out of the room on their mattresses, the removal of the footboard without tools can bring decisive advantages. The mattress can then be quickly pulled off the mattress base at the foot end. This is considerably easier than evacuation via the long side, which takes up more space and feels more threatening to the resident due to the impression of tipping over. Our evacuation cover with handles and sliding elements on the underside is also ideal for safe transport on the mattress.

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