11. December 2019
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The perfect backdrop for every product

Our partner for photography: the studio emotions4life in Hiddenhausen

Whether car, jeans or gummy bears: On advertising photographs, all products look flawless, elegant, delicious, fresh or futuristic. Behind them are elaborate planning and a lot of love and passion – also at the Stiegelmeyer-Group. For photo shootings of our beds we like to work together with emotions4life, an up-and-coming studio in Hiddenhausen, East Westphalia, Germany.

Managing director and company founder Tino J. Röse tells the story of his company, which will be ten years old in 2020. Even as a high school student he was fascinated by photography. As a party and event photographer, he was already so successful at the time that, with a team and good concepts, he supervised the castings for the Miss Germany contest and various TV formats with a mobile photo studio. "After graduating from high school with a vocational baccalaureate in economics, where I learned many basics for my current business, my career dream was to become a photographer. Unfortunately, I had to stop this training after a very short time – it just didn't fit," says Mr Röse.

From Bünde to Hiddenhausen

While Mr. Röse was still planning his future, he again developed concepts for event companies. This became so dynamic that at the age of 21 he finally decided to found his own photo studio. In 2010 he started with classical advertising photography in Bünde, Westphalia, on an area of 150 square metres. The space quickly became too limited and emotions4life moved to a larger venue in Hiddenhausen. The kitchen manufacturer Wellmann finally offered the current building complex on Industriestrasse with 5,500 square metres of studio space for rent.

At the same time emotions4life always expanded its fields of activity in order to keep up with the times. In addition to high-end medium format photography (80 million pixels), emotions4life Filmproduktion GmbH and emotions4life Digital GmbH have been added in recent years. The entrepreneurial group employs today over 30 people. "If I look at the development of the last ten years, I must say: It was an incredible amount of work, but it always brought us a lot of joy. Also, we had the correct portion of luck, and the most important thing is my brilliant team, in which everyone gives more than 100 per cent, says Mr. Röse.

Elaborate backdrops

If you look at advertisements and photos of furniture in vintage buildings or elegant models in a café, you might be thinking of a photo shoot in a trendy location in Berlin or Munich. But it's not like that. The photos are taken in front of cleverly constructed and illuminated backdrops. When building these "milieus", no effort is often too great. "We even built a swimming pool in our hall for a tile manufacturer," says Mr Röse.

In fact, the sanitary sector – bathrooms, fittings, tiles – is now the largest market for the studio. "This is also due to the fact that we have excellent expertise in water-bearing systems," reports Mr Röse. "A major shooting, also involving a film shoot, on the subject of showers has just taken place here, with a model showering for three weeks."


Customers from 23 countries

Many companies use the complex constructions in the studio to also test their products in practice. It may well happen that the innovative click system of the new vinyl flooring or the operation of the modern bathroom fitting is readjusted once again. The customers of emotions4life now come from 23 countries, including more distant regions such as the United Arab Emirates. Companies from other cultures value the studio's advice in positioning their products on the Central European market. "In the Emirates there is a completely different visual language than here – a lot of gold and splendour, all high-high end," says Mr Röse. The experts at emotions4life translate this into a high-quality design that corresponds to the local taste.

At the moment in a hall in Hiddenhausen a whole house for the photo shooting of a construction chemistry company is bricked up, in January it continues with particularly beautiful and cosy milieus for Stiegelmeyer. The new decade begins with promise.

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