29. May 2019
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Successful stand construction from Menden to Monaco

Our partner optimal puts his customers in the best light

For many companies, the trade fair stand is a particularly large and beautiful "calling card". Long-standing and new customers should feel at home here, explore products in the best light and have trustful conversations. For many decades, Stiegelmeyer and Burmeier have attached great importance to modern, elegant exhibition stands. In recent months, we have presented a new trade fair stand at EXPOLIFE and Altenpflege, which was immediately met with a positive response from visitors. It is already the second concept that we have developed together with our stand construction partner optimal Messebau.

The optimal Messe- und Ausstellungsbau GmbH has been operating successfully since September 1986. It is a medium-sized company with eleven employees. The company is located in the city of Menden in the Sauerland, southeast of Dortmund. Owner and managing director is Stefan Gemünd.

Trade fairs from Russia to Portugal

"We have our own carpenter's workshop, a fleet of vehicles and are on the road throughout Europe," reports project manager Miguel Sanchez, "from Russia and Poland via Sweden and Norway to Spain and Portugal". The focus is on Germany, the "stronghold of trade fairs", as Mr Sanchez explains. Each year, optimal realises 70 to 100 trade fairs, ranging from in-house trade fairs to double-storey 1,500-square-metre stands of well-known high-tech companies. In order to be able to cope with this large number, optimal works together with subcontractors in a trustworthy manner.

In around 50 percent of cases, the client's advertising agency determines what the trade fair stand should look like. Here, optimal implements the finished concept with its own technical systems so that it looks exactly as the client desired. In the other half of the cases, the stand builder is involved in the design of the stands, for example in the architectural arrangement of the elements. An in-house graphic designer is also available.

Joy about enthusiastic customers

What memories have accumulated in 33 years? "The most beautiful moments always occur when a customer is enthusiastic," says Mr. Sanchez. "For example, yesterday I had a delivery where our customer beamed and praised us on Facebook. We're happy about that." On the other hand, something really bad never happened: "No matter what happens, you always have to find solutions".

What special projects are imminent in the near future? "It's always nice when we travel south," says Mr. Sanchez. "In September, we will be taking part in the Yacht Show in Monaco, which takes place there every two years. In this show the boats are shown outside in the marina. "Stands and pavilions are set up and we work in the most beautiful sunshine."

Just one week before Monaco, the optimal team will be working in Düsseldorf for Burmeier: Then we will present our new stand for the first time at the REHACARE trade fair. It was developed for all areas of the company and can be adapted individually for each division. Elegant fabric covers and large LED walls unfold a modern, inviting effect. Instead of the usual product information boards, each bed is now presented with a modern visual display presentation. A spacious communication area with tables and a bar offers room for discussions with customers. Both at REHACARE and at MEDICA in November, our stand will set high standards.

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