16. July 2018
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On a roll through a successful century

TENTE sets Stiegelmeyer beds in motion

Many of the products from Stiegelmeyer and Burmeier move on castors. Beds, bedside cabinets, stretchers and transport chairs all need to be easily pushed from point A to point B at any time. Modern top quality castors are indispensable for this purpose. TENTE-ROLLEN GmbH has been an important partner with whom we have successfully and loyally collaborated for about 50 years.

TENTE’s 100-year anniversary is approaching. The company, which has always been involved in castors, was founded by Adolf Schulte in 1923. The location provided the company name: Tente is a place in Wermelskirchen. And the company still has its headquarters in this town, located in the Rheinisch-Bergisch district, today.

Other subsidiaries

The TENTE Group has meanwhile long since established itself on 5 continents with 30 subsidiaries and 1,500 employees. Its global success story began in South Africa and the USA in the 1970s. Later, numerous European countries and large markets such as Brazil, China, Japan and Australia were added. In addition to castors for beds and furniture, its products include many other areas, such as castors and wheels for shopping carts, trolleys or lift trucks that have to carry heavy loads.

TENTE has been an award-winning technical pioneer in the development of modern bed castors for many decades. A milestone in its cooperation with Stiegelmeyer was the Linea castor family for the Puro hospital bed. Different requirements had to be combined for this bed: On the one hand, the beds needed to be easy to move and have a high safe working load, which requires a castor diameter that is not too small. On the other hand, it needed to be possible to lower the Puro down to a height of 28 cm to protect patients from falls. TENTE solved the problem and designed a castor that, with a special attachment and a diameter of 12.5 cm, is only 13 cm high.

Attention to every detail

All the strengths that make TENTE so successful were evident in the development of the Linea castor. In this case, the engineers looked at the entire environment in the hospital, including harmonious design, hygiene, noise development and driving characteristics. The central fixing of the Linea castor is maintenance-free, so that operators save costs and effort.

“Better Mobility. Better Life” promises TENTE’s slogan – a motto that also applies to the Stiegelmeyer Group. Maintaining mobility is one of the most important goals in nursing and care, and the collaboration between these two companies helps this to be achieved day after day.

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