18. July 2017
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Linens for comfortable bedrooms

Curabelle presents collections for care homes

Beautiful beds add a lot to the feeling of comfort in a care facility. Stiegelmeyer offers a large range of choices for individual design. Also decisive for the appealing look of a bed are its linens. There’s a lot of talk about Curabelle at the moment. In trade press, the company has just introduced three collections – photographed with our Venta care bed. We spoke with the managing director of Curabelle, Frank Brethauer.

Who and what is behind the Curabelle idea?

Curabelle stands for holistically designed textile solutions for resident rooms, developed to encompass all manufacturers. As the first company to do so, we see washable textiles as an integrative part of thought-out room and colour concepts for the newest generation of senior residence homes.

The initiator of the idea was the company Hch. Kettelhack from Rheine, a producer of bedlinens. We’ve developed our home collection together with four other reputable Westphalian textile producers of terrycloth (Dyckhoff), blankets (Biederlack), bedding items ( and mattress protection (Setex). In doing so, Curabelle has, as one independent wholesale company, combined the skills of five leading German textile specialists. We want to make a positive, long-lasting change in the quality of home furnishings of resident rooms, fulfilling the wishes of seniors and their families for a liveable environment, characterised by their own home ambience. At the same time, we offer the operators of care facilities a way to set themselves apart from competitors with comparatively low effort.

Please describe your collections.

With our three home collections, AMBIENTE, HARMONIE and BALANCE, very personal, comfortable rooms can be designed with ease. They differ from each other qualitatively and all have their own type of colour and design. AMBIENTE is our suggestion for an extravagant look. We have intentionally chosen pastel, warm tones with a houndstooth pattern in the style of past ages. Today’s generation of seniors has encountered this weaving classic time and time again. For this reason, we’ve taken the beloved pattern and created a reinterpretation of it in two variants; as an all-over design and in a chequerboard style with contemporary colours. We also offer blankets and towels colour-coordinated to the linens.

Our HARMONIE collection is much different, combining squares and stripes for a cheerful, balanced character. The colours are somewhat stronger, making HARMONIE a good choice for creating emphasis. Our third collection, BALANCE, is our entry offer with stripes in different colour variations. These bedclothes are combined with monochrome blankets and terrycloth products designed so that they can be combined across collections with AMBIENTE or HARMONIE. Thus, a nearly endless variety of home landscapes can be created.

What is the difference between textile collections for care homes and those for private customers?

Textiles for care homes are high performance textiles. In order to be economical, they need to be able to withstand the hard requirements of commercial laundry with disinfecting washing procedures. No product made for private end-users can do that. Decisive are the use of the right dyes and dyeing procedures. We make use of high-quality vat and disperse dyes that are transmitted insolubly into the product fibres with chemical processes. The optimal ratio of cotton and polyester as well as high-quality manufacturing are just as important.

Colours and colour designs in care residences are always a big topic. Which colours and colour effects do you favour?

What is important to us is the harmonious integration of the textile furnishings into the overall look of the interior. They can either set colour accents or create connections with other elements in the room. As textile furnishers, we are nearly always “the last link” in the procurement and design process. As such, we are not so much a colour trendsetter as we are followers in a positive sense. It is our job to very closely follow current trends in wall design, furniture upholstery, curtain fabrics, as well as flooring and furniture finishes in order to tailor our offer accordingly. Our colours lagune and salmon are currently in high demand.

Inquiries for textile designs in line with customers’ corporate identities have increased greatly.

How did you enjoy working with our Venta care bed in the photo studio? What do you think about the idea of our Softcovers?

During the photo shoot, we wanted to show a very homelike, authentic care room. The Venta was especially suited to this, because it is usable in many room situations. Whether in a more sophisticated senior residence or in a standard room, the Venta is very multifaceted and fits any style of home design. We decided on Havanna decor, as I personally find it very homelike. The large selection of decors and headboards didn't make the choice easy, however.

I find the Softcover idea very good, because whenever textiles are put into use, cosiness and comfort increase. The caregivers also enjoy an attractive working environment. With Softcovers, the Venta can be designed in an exceptionally individual way. We also offer linens to match many of your Softcover colours.

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