18. July 2018
// Customers & Partners

Introducing: Heinz Rösler

Managing partner of NOVITA Franken GmbH

Mr. Rösler, please tell us a little about yourself.

I am a trained nurse and have been working in geriatrics for 40 years. I’ve been working in managerial positions since I was 27. Since 2013, I have been a managing partner and facility manager at NOVITA. But I am giving up the latter remit precisely because the task is becoming too big – I am responsible for the entire Franconian area. We operate 3 senior care facilities there, and the opening of 3 additional facilities in Kleinschwarzenlohe, Altdorf and Sulzbach am Main is already planned. I have been assisting with these new facilities, from laying the cornerstone to full occupancy, as well as handling additional new projects.

Please describe your work to our readers.

Personnel management and development is very important. It is difficult to find trained people, but we make an effort to be attractive as an employer. We have not yet experienced a real nursing crisis. I visit the facilities under my management weekly, and discuss all kinds of questions with the supervisors. We provide our residents with such a high quality of life that we hardly have to advertise at all. We try to structure the facilities so that, for example, we have mostly single rooms available. However, we have married couples who are always asking for double rooms.

The bed question was decided by the employees here. They were immediately able to use the Stiegelmeyer beds without referring to the manual.

Which Stiegelmeyer products you work with?

Our hospital beds and furniture come from Stiegelmeyer. We have jointly developed a furniture and colour concept that is well received – the unit is always Havana Cherry decor and the doors are Honey Oak. In theory, our residents can bring their own wardrobes and chest of drawers, but in practice, I have never had to remove any of the Stiegelmeyer furniture. Women particularly seem to enjoy moving into a room here with new furniture.

What significance does our modern hospital bed have for you?

An important one. The beds are my employees’ workplace. The adjustable height, for instance, can assist a resident in getting out of bed, which in turn makes life easier for him or her and the care staff. The bed question was decided by the employees here. They were able to use the Stiegelmeyer beds immediately without any instruction manual. I like the appearance of the beds, and that they don’t take up so much space. I like good furniture. A room in a care facility is not a sick ward, so the bed should like another piece of furniture.

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