22. February 2018
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Fabrics for worldwide elegance and homeliness

JAB Anstoetz supplies the collection for our suite eMotion comfort bed

Attractive colours, an elegant sheen, a flattering feel – the merits of our suite eMotion comfort beds are remembered instantly by everyone who sees them. Customers are delighted by the subtle shades of grey, blue or cream and now also a new elegant grey-violet. The new colour is part of JAB Anstoetz’s current fabric collection for the eMotion suite.

Our partnership with the Bielefeld based textile company is a stroke of luck for our “Living” bed range, which is aimed at discerning private customers. JAB – this succinct abbreviation incorporates the initials of the company’s founder. Under the name “Josef Anstoetz Bielefeld”, he started a wholesale business for decorative and upholstery fabrics in 1946, in rooms of the traditional Spinnerei Vorwärts spinning works. His nephew Heinz Anstoetz took over the management of the company in 1955, and Heinz’s three sons Ralph, Stephan and Claus now run the textile
company together with Chris-Jacob Schminnes.

Right from the beginning, JAB Anstoetz was set on an impressive course of success. Milestones included the foundation of the company’s own upholstered furniture factory BW Bielefelder Werkstätten in 1956, relocation to the company’s own business complex in Bielefeld-Oldentrup in 1959, the opening of the first foreign subsidiary, in France, in 1968, and the introduction of a carpet manufacturing facility in 1974. Today the group of companies employs 1,400 people worldwide and has showrooms in all of the centres of modern lifestyle, from Paris and London to Milan, Istanbul, Moscow, New York and Shanghai.

The JAB Anstoetz range encompasses almost all areas where fabric is used to lend elegance and homeliness. Upholstery fabrics, curtains, roller blinds and carpets are included as well as complete sofas, armchairs or dining room furnishings. The current winter collection shows just how many different styles are available. Detailed floral patterns from the time of the French king Louis XVI give upholstered furniture a supremely elegant yet cosy effect. They make a completely different impression than the quiet, muted fabrics of the “Sam” line or the Mexican inspired ethnic-look “Merida” range.

The new selection for our suite eMotion looks even more elegant than before, with a clear accent on plain fabrics and greatly reduced floral patterns. With JAB Anstoetz and the “Living” range from Stiegelmeyer, a new sleep culture is settling into everyday life.

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