02. December 2021
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Partner care beds are well received in Great Britain and Ireland

Sales partner Lisclare reports positive feedback from customers

People's life expectancy is increasing, and more and more couples are enjoying old age together. But when one partner needs care, many questions arise - also about sleeping in a shared bed. For this case, Stiegelmeyer and Burmeier have designed a flexible care double bed. As Libra partner, it is tailored to the needs of the nursing home, as Regia partner to the requirements of homecare. Our sales partner Lisclare in Belfast was an important source of inspiration for the design. We asked how the partner beds were received in Great Britain and Ireland.

Why did Lisclare help drive the design of the partner beds?

For many couples, long-term illness for one partner means that they can no longer share a double bed. So, whilst the time has always been right to keep partners together, finding a suitable bed is not so simple. Double nursing beds have been around for a long time, however as the European bed safety regulations evolved, the manufacturers of double nursing beds did not keep up. So, the time was right for a manufacturer to design a double bed which is suitable for nursing care, but also meets the current safety regulations.

What do you like best about our partner beds?

Stiegelmeyer and Burmeier have not just made a double nursing bed which is safe to use, but they have also added several innovative and unique features. The ability to easily separate the bed into two independently functioning single beds provides flexibility in care, especially in a residential care environment. It also provides easy access for the care worker to both sides of the patient and reduces the risk of back strain.

We also love the low footboard option. It was of course something we requested early on during the bed’s design process. The low footboard gives the bed a more homely appearance as well as reducing the risk of pressure ulcers at the patient’s feet.

Have you already received feedback from your customers about the partner beds?

Yes, we have received excellent feedback. Here are two pieces of feedback from satisfied customers.

Roy from County Louth writes:

“Thank you so much for the delivery of our new partner bed – it is fantastic! I’m looking forward to plenty of zzzz’s tonight but more importantly please pass on my sincere gratitude to the two lads that assembled the bed today. Not only were they extremely professional with their customer service but also, they went out of their way to help us in any possible way they could, they are and absolute credit to Lisclare.”

Orla from County Kildare writes:

“My mother purchased a Regia Partner Bed from Lisclare in November 2020. I cannot say enough about the customer service given to us by Jonathan and the company.

We were on a very tight schedule as my father was due to move home from a nursing home on a Friday evening. I spoke to Jonathan on a Tuesday evening and by Thursday of that week the bed was in place and ready for Dad.

Later when Dad’s needs became more critical and we had to move him downstairs, once again Jonathan organised the moving of the bed without quibble.

The bed itself is a marvel. Each side operates independently of each other, but also together. It is extremely easy to use and has a fantastic range in height and positioning. Our parents were married for 64 years and for them not to share a bed was unthinkable. This bed made it possible for them to be together, but safe and assisted at the same time.

I cannot recommend the bed, but more importantly the company, highly enough. Thank you for your kindness at a difficult time in our lives.”

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