24. January 2019
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Big move in Belgium

Hospital unites three locations in a new building complex

In October 2018, the new University Hospital AZ Sint Maarten opened its doors in Mechelen, Belgium after 5 years of construction. Already on the 9th and 10th of June, all those interested could visit the new buildings. The two open house days and the accompanying programme attracted 10,500 visitors. Chief physician Birger Jespers told the newspaper Het Laatse Nieuws (HLN) that in addition to innovative technology in the planning and furnishing of the hospital, emphasis was placed on comfort, privacy, ergonomics, environment and safety. In Mechelen, the hospital bed Evario by Stiegelmeyer also contributes to this.

Examples of the innovative technology can be found in 2 of the 14 operating rooms, from which video transmissions can be sent directly to the conference centre with the help of integrated cameras. It holds 330 people and offers the perfect ambience for symposia and training sessions. Patients enjoy private TV comfort – each one has his or her own Smart TV in the room.

In total, the AZ Sint Maarten includes 654 in-patient beds and 96 day-hospital beds. Managing Director Jan Ennekens praises the "healing environment". About half of the rooms are single rooms and 482 of the beds and 654 of the bedside cabinets are from Stiegelmeyer. Especially the bed model Evario fully convinced the decision-makers in the selection process: "The bed meets all standards and is characterised by important criteria such as user-friendliness, fall prevention, safety, longevity and maintenance. We have opted for a modern and neutral design that fits perfectly with the programmable control unit that allows the bed's functions to be personalised for each patient, increasing safety in certain patient groups. Stiegelmeyer's Evario fits perfectly with our long-term vision."

The sales process was made through our Belgian partner Distrac. The Distrac Group is a full-range supplier of healthcare furniture, founded in 1993 as Distrac Wellcare Products. At that time, mainly orthopaedic products were sold. For many years Distrac has also been offering hospital and care beds from Stiegelmeyer.

Before business at AZ Sint Maarten was able to start in October, 300 patients from the three previous locations had to be transferred to the new buildings. Shortly before, Jan Ennekens revealed, "All the support services have been in operation in the new hospital for a few weeks, so we can easily get started on patient care."

The move took place in mid-October within 3 days and was planned in detail. A total of 135 volunteers and 27 vehicles of the Belgian Red Cross as well as the police ensured a smooth process. Each patient was accompanied by a personal team from his bed in the old hospital to the bed in the new hospital. Thus, possible time and information losses would be avoided in the transfer to other teams. Before leaving the old hospital and arriving at the new room, each patient underwent a medical check-up. In addition, the patients were scanned using an identification bracelet at 4 locations in the moving process to monitor which part of the way they were on. After the examination in the new hospital, previously defined family members were automatically informed via SMS about the successful transfer.

With the new building in Mechelen, AZ Sint Maarten will lay the foundations for the best possible medical care in the Malines region in the coming decades.

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