17. November 2021
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The ideal bed in the country of tall people

Dutch university hospitals successfully use our Evario

The importance of machine-washable hospital beds is increasing worldwide. More and more hospitals value them as important allies in the fight against nosocomial infections. University hospitals in the Netherlands, for example, place particularly high value on reliable hygiene. Stiegelmeyer is currently supplying large numbers of the Evario washable hospital bed to our neighbouring country – 580 beds to the Amsterdam UMC, 600 Evarios to the Radboud UMC in Nijmegen and 690 beds to the Maastricht UMC.

This success rewards the dedicated work of Duco Engelage and his team. Mr Engelage is the managing director of our Dutch subsidiary Stiegelmeyer BV in the municipality of Elst in Gelderland. The success is all the more impressive because the three university hospitals each sought the best bed with a separate tender and the Evario was the most convincing three times. "The whole process took four years," explains Mr Engelage. Talks at the MEDICA trade fair, for example, were important.

Design according to individual taste

In the country of tall people, all the hospitals opted for the elongated version with a 210 cm long mattress base and the split Protega safety side. In the choice of decors, Stiegelmeyer fulfilled individual wishes – for example, beds are produced in a particularly elegant wood-grey combination of Valley Oak and Silver Grey. The hospitals also took advantage of the rich range of accessories and operating options.

The Evarios are reprocessed everywhere in washing systems of our cooperation partner Belimed. Duco Engelage accompanied the set-up of the washing processes with a lot of commitment and ensured that our customers can use optimal economic solutions.

Even after a short time, there is positive feedback from the people who work with the beds. The nursing staff are enthusiastic about the good handling and manoeuvring characteristics, for example, says Mr Engelage. The Evario, which is equipped with a 5th castor, can be pushed and steered so well that it is partly possible to do without the use of "bed movers" – small electric vehicles that are docked to the beds and help to cover the huge distances in the university hospitals. Driving and operating the Evarios is also so easy because they weigh much less than their aged predecessors. "The difference to the old steel beds is 50, 60 kilos – and you can feel that in everyday life," says Duco Engelage.

A strong selling point for the Evario in the Netherlands was the option of the 210 cm mattress base. The many tall patients can use the beds immediately or be moved around the hospital without any problems, without the nursing staff having to set up or remove the bed extension every time. There are often reservations about beds with large dimensions: will they fit in the lift, can they be moved in confined spaces? However, no difficulties arose in the university hospitals.

EasyCare function supports everyday tasks

The EasyCare function on the control panel and on the LCD handset elicits positive feedback all around. It enables the nursing staff to quickly access all adjustment options, even if some options are locked for the patient. The Evario's large height adjustment range was also a positive surprise. Some of the hospitals had considered ordering separate low-height beds for fall-prone patients. Since the Evario lowers down to 32 cm, depending on the configuration, this turned out to be unnecessary. At the other end of the height adjustment, the Dutch nursing staff – who are also often very tall – benefit particularly from the back-friendly maximum height of up to 91 cm.

The plastic Protega split safety side of the Evario is the only system of its kind that can be reprocessed by machine. And Duco Engelage received further positive feedback: "The plastic always feels pleasantly warm for patients and nurses and does not make any loud noises during adjustment." To place patients in need of care comfortably in bed, Mr Engelage has a good tip: "I always say: pull up the foot-side element of the safety side and place the patient right next to it on the side of the bed. Now lower the safety side completely and help the patient lie down from this sitting position – he or she lies perfectly!"

The Dutch Evarios are all equipped with Stelo-type head and footboards that have sturdy metal handle bars. If a broken leg needs to be stabilised, an extension device can easily be attached here without the need for inconvenient attachments.

So, the Evario really lives up to its promise: a bed for all wards that makes everyday life much easier. In addition, there is also the excellent Stiegelmeyer service in the Netherlands. "In my 16 years at Stiegelmeyer, I have done everything to expand our service as best as possible. We now have six technicians who travel all over the country and complete every job in one or two days," says Mr Engelage.

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