25. July 2015
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Vertica homecare bed from Burmeier

Getting up easy

With a barely audible whirring sound, Yakut- Sükrü Cekin adjusts the bed to a sitting position. Gently, the backrest moves upwards from under the tall man weile the footboard is gradually lowered. Finally, the entire bed frame tilts forwards. Cekin’s feet are now touching the floor. He is ready to stand up.

“This is so good for my sanity”, says the man from Bielefeld. With his Vertica homecare mobilisation bed from Burmeier, Cekin can now eat and talk sitting up again – or get up and cautiously go to the front door if a visitor rings the doorbell. For the past seven years, the 38-year old gastronome has been suffering from slipped discs and chronic back pain. He has been operated on 15 times and is now unable to leave home without assistance. “The Vertica is giving me back a large part of my independence, even though I have to spend 90 % of my day lying down”, he says.

Yakut-Sükrü Cekin came across the mobilisation bed himself while he was researching on the Internet, and he was excited. He was even more pleased when his medical insurance agreed to foot the bill. “It belongs to me now, and I will certainly never part with it”, he says.

It was delivered and put together by professionals in next to no time. A representative from the medical supplies retailer PVM explained how to operate the bed. “I set the bed to the sitting position 5 to 7 times a day”, explains Cekin. To watch television, he raises the backrest part way. On good days he eats sitting up and uses the integrated serving tray. At night, he raises the safety sides on both sides of the bed. He requires no help whatsoever for any of these actions. “The bed doesn’t creak – it’s so quiet”, says Cekin, “and it doesn’t look like a typical care bed either”. With its light-coloured oak decor, the Vertica blends in perfectly with the young, Indian-inspired style of the flat.

Yakut-Sükruü Cekin hopes that further treatment will critically improve his condition. The Vertica homecare helps him exploit all the opportunities available to him for living independently.

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