31. March 2023
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Stiegelmeyer high on the podium

BGW compares Germany's hospital beds

Comparative product tests have become an indispensable part of everyday life – no one buys a television or a washing machine these days without first reading test results and customer reviews on the internet. With hospital beds, on the other hand, one would hardly look for such information. These beds are not bought by private customers, and a really meaningful comparison requires a great deal of methodical effort. All the more surprising that there is now a test after all. And all the nicer that Stiegelmeyer was given an excellent rating.

The study was commissioned by the Berufsgenossenschaft für Gesundheitsdienst und Wohlfahrtspflege (BGW). It is the responsible body for the statutory accident insurance for non-governmental companies in the health service. Twelve hospital bed models frequently used in Germany from seven manufacturers were compared by an independent institute.

The test subjects were 40 nursing staff with professional experience. They performed typical tasks with the beds under laboratory conditions and were observed and filmed while doing so. None of the nursing staff had worked with one of their test beds before. Instruction was only given with the help of the manufacturer's brief instructions. Thus, not only the operation of the beds themselves was put to the test, but also their intuitive comprehensibility. The rating was based on the German school grading system (see image).

Stiegelmeyer was represented with three models: the Evario, the Puro and the Seta pro. All beds in the test were equipped as comparably as possible. For example, they had split safety sides and a fifth castor for easier manoeuvring and handling.

In the category "Physical strain during manoeuvring", the Stiegelmeyer beds then also landed among the top: the Evario secured first place here on its own, the Puro a second place and the Seta pro a third place. Especially in the sub-category "Manoeuvring in the patient's room", the Evario achieved the only score of two in the field with a 2.7 and clearly set itself apart.

A strength-saving, successful early mobilisation of patients is helpful in many cases and can shorten the hospital stay. We are proud that our models are all in first place in the category "Support during mobilisation" with the best score of 2.0. Large height adjustment ranges and split safety sides that leave enough room to get out and at the same time serve as stable standing aids are particular strengths of our hospital beds.

And the intuitive operability via handset, panel or control box? All three Stiegelmeyer models did very well here and scored in the strong top range. The Seta pro came in second overall with a 1.0. The functionality of the beds in emergencies was rated even better. Evario and Puro each got the top mark here with 0.5, while some other beds did much worse in this area.

In the overall score, the Evario finally came in a strong second place with a 2.2. All three Stiegelmeyer beds received ratings in the top 5 rankings awarded.

The outstanding position of the Evario was also reflected in many positive comments in the final evaluation. About the split safety sides it says: "The stable safety sides were easy to operate in the test. Praiseworthy: the damped lowering when folding down." The pictograms and battery display of the LCD handset, the easy-to-operate CPR lever and the brake pedals with red and green markings were also praised. With all three Stiegelmeyer models, the handling of patient lifting poles, infusion stands and other aids received unlimited praise.

The study only examined the concrete use of the beds, this time the design and the individual configuration options did not play a role. However, we are sure that our three elegant models would have scored very well here too.

You can download the complete BGW study here (only available in German): Krankenhausbetten auf dem Prüfstand - bgw-online


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