11. June 2019
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Rehab with the charm of a wellness hotel

Villa Aurelia in Bad Gögging, Germany, offers its patients the highest level of comfort

The history of the spa town Bad Gögging in Lower Bavaria dates back to the 1st century. Already at that time the Romans bathed in the sulphur spring of the village. The Römerbad Clinic in Bad Gögging thus bears its sonorous name with full justification. In February 2019 the clinic opened the Villa Aurelia, a premium institution for the rehabilitation of orthopaedic patients. Managing Director Karl Zettl spoke with us about the concept of the villa, in which Stiegelmeyer's beds also play an important role.

Mr. Zettl, please briefly describe the history of the Römerbad Klinik.

The clinic was already founded in 1870, it is the institution with long-standing tradition here in the village. It has experienced turbulent times, for example during the world wars it served as a military hospital. The focus has always been on the health of the patients. The natural remedies of Bad Gögging also belong exclusively to us: the sulphur healing springs and our own natural moor deposits.

Has the clinic been family-owned since 1870?

Yes, but not by ours at that time. My great-grandfather worked here as a masseur and my father was able to buy the clinic. We are a real family business; several generations work in the clinic. This family character also includes a cosy, home-like atmosphere. The visual environment of a classic hospital would not suit us.

Please describe the concept of your new rehab institution Villa Aurelia.

With Villa Aurelia we have created a comfort area that is second to none. It has the claim of a four-star superior house. We wanted to bring thereby the atmosphere of the wellness hotels from Austria and South Tyrol into the rehab sector. In addition, we selected architects, who build exactly such houses. Here we want to offer our orthopaedic rehab patients something out of the ordinary – optimum recovery and well-being in a stylish and high-quality atmosphere.

For this task you have chosen adjustable care and comfort beds from Stiegelmeyer – our models Elvido vervo and suite eMotion.

Yes, the Villa Aurelia offers orthopaedic follow-up treatments. Freshly operated patients who have received a new hip or knee joint receive their aftercare in the Villa. This is why we have chosen Stiegelmeyer beds because they offer the necessary adjustment options that the patient needs after the operation and at the same time fit in well with our home-like environment.

When looking into your rooms it is noticeable that you have combined two Elvido beds into one double bed. What is it all about?

Many patients say: "It would be nice if my partner could come along, it would also do them good. And I would be happy if I wasn't alone." That's why we have created 23 double rooms. In our comfort area you have to pay something extra to the standard that the health insurance companies cover, but you also get offered a lot. This is well received by our guests. In addition to the suites and double rooms, Villa Aurelia also offers 33 luxurious single rooms.

How do you use our comfort bed suite eMotion?

The suite eMotion double beds are available in three large, comfortable suites, each with 65 square metres of space. There, we let them benefit our guests as a special highlight.

Both the Elvido vervo and the suite eMotion have a large height adjustment range. Do you use this for rehab treatment?

Of course, we also exercise with the patients in the rooms and use the many possibilities of height adjustment to meet their needs. We have seat heights of between 50 and 52 cm throughout the house – in the restaurant, waiting area and foyer. This is slightly higher than usual and meets the requirements of orthopaedic patients. After hip surgery, for example, we make sure that the hip is stretched rather than bent too much.

At Stiegelmeyer, a home-like appearance plays an increasingly important role in all areas. Which design did you choose for your beds?

We have chosen light oak, with a completely natural look, which creates a bright, friendly feel-good atmosphere. For the suite eMotion, we chose light-coloured leather that is easy to clean and meets our hygiene standards. The many design possibilities of the Stiegelmeyer beds were an important argument for us. After 15 years of good cooperation, we greatly appreciate your quality.

We are very pleased to hear that. Is there also feedback from patients about the beds?

Some patients have already asked us where to get the beds. The various adjustment options are very well received, and many people would like to see something like this at home.

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