26. September 2022
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Bed manufacturers commit to high labour standards and sustainability

Declaration of voluntary commitment in the SPECTARIS Industry Association

Care beds fulfil important tasks in our society: They support elderly people in living a self-determined, dignified life and facilitate the work of nursing staff and relatives. That is why the Stiegelmeyer Group and other bed manufacturers in the German SPECTARIS industry association already committed themselves in 2020 to taking ethical aspects into account in the development of care beds. Now the signatories are going one step further.

In their extended declaration, the manufacturers focus on social and labour ethical aspects as well as environmental standards. One reason for this is the Supply Chain Due Diligence Act (German: Lieferkettensorgfaltspflichtengesetz), which obliges companies to ensure compliance with human rights standards in their supply chains. Stiegelmeyer Managing Director Ralf Wiedemann, member of the Medical Device Technology Board at SPECTARIS and Chairman of the Care and Hospital Beds Section, says: "Compliance with human rights, labour, social and environmental standards along the entire supply and value chain is enormously important for SPECTARIS members. We want to make this clear to those in need of care and to our customers with the extended declaration."

Even after the bed is assembled, the manufacturers continue to take their responsibility seriously. For example, they pay attention to sustainable logistics and ensure environmentally friendly disposal through the selection of materials used.

Sustainability and compliance have long played an important role in the Stiegelmeyer Group. From careful compliance with the Solvents Ordinance to the use of wood-based materials from sustainable forestry to the delivery of unmixed residual materials to the disposal company, we pay attention to resource conservation and environmental protection.

In the current energy crisis, the economical use of gas and electricity is even more important to society than usual. We operate a certified energy management system according to DIN EN ISO 50001, which is monitored by regular audits by external auditors. In addition, we feed energy from solar plants on our roofs into the electricity grid, thus contributing to CO2 reduction.

Managing Director Ralf Wiedemann summarises: "From an ethical and moral point of view, as well as for reasons of sustainability, it must be the duty of every manufacturer not only to bring a care bed onto the market on the basis of economic goals, but also to always keep the long-term consequences in mind, both for those in need of care and for our environment."

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